Bibliography of Denny JA

In addition to his assertive voice for advocating human rights in the largest Muslim country, Denny JA is also appreciated as a prolific writer.

 During his 40 years of work as a published author (1981-2021), Denny JA has written 83 books in Indonesian (34 fiction books, 46 non-fiction books, and 3 related titles); he has also created 13 films and 82 animated videos.

Denny JA leads the pack among Southeast Asian writers whose works have been translated into English.  By 2021, 28 of his books of fiction, 15 non-fiction works, 13 films, 66 animated videos, and 77 opinion videos (30 on Sufi teachings, 18 videos on Working from Home, and 29 videos on humanistic values, available on his YouTube channel) had been translated into English.  Furthermore, each of his films, animated videos, and opinion videos has been given English subtitles.


A.  Denny JA’s Speech on Awards

1.     Innovation is a Must in the World of Poetry
(Speech on ASEAN Humanitarian Literature and Diplomacy Award, 2020)


2.     Writing is Research + Enlightenment Ideas
(Lifetime Achievement Award from Indonesian Writers Guild, 2021)


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II. Additional Fiction Books


1.       A., Denny J. The Trilili Bird. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2020.

2.       A., Denny J. The Collapse of Our Tower. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2020.

3.       A., Denny J. Because of an Angora Cat. 1st ed. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2020.

4.       A., Denny J. The Ballad of Wahab and Wahib. 1st ed. Jakarta: 2020.

5.       A., Denny J. Diving to the Sky. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2020.

6.       A., Denny J. The Dream of  an Old Bicycle. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2020.

7.       A., Denny J. Just Love Mankind. 1st ed. Book Project , 2017.

8.       A., Denny J. In Pursuit of Happiness. 1st ed. , 2016.

9.       A., Denny J. Divine Wisdom of Singapore. 1st ed. Jakarta: , 2016.

10.    A., Denny J. The Lottery of Life. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

11.    A., Denny J. Seeking God. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

12.    A., Denny J. A Gay Clergy. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

13.    A., Denny J. A Rose that Sheds Blood. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

14.    A., Denny J. Western World is More Islam?. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

15.    A., Denny J. The Collapsed Giant. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

16.    A., Denny J. Aneta’s Ballad. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2016.

17.    A., Denny J. Happy School. 1st ed. Cerah Budaya Indonesia , 2016.

18.    A., Denny J.  Dastaschentuch Der Fang Yin. 1st ed.  Jakarta: Cerah Budaya Indonesia, 2015.

19.    A., Denny J. The Dragon of One Thousand Faces. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2015.

20.   A., Denny J. Seeking a King Within a King. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2015.

21.    A., Denny J. The Plenary Session on Religion. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2015.

22.    A., Denny J. Dumbfounded by Research. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2015.

23.    A., Denny J. The Two Faces of Spiritual Leader. 1st ed. Jakarta:, 2015.


D. Denny JA’s Movies


I. Movies on Non-Discrimination Issues

1.     Fang Yin’s Handkerchief

2.     Secret Love

3.     Minah Remains Beheaded

4.    Dried Flowers of Farewell

5.     Romi & Yuli from Cikeusik


II. Movies about Covid-19


1.     The Doctor has Reached the Peak


2.     The Activist Asks for the Ministry’s Resignation


3.     Brother, I God Quarantined in the Mosque


4.     I Then Went to Wuhan




5.     Online Eid Al-Fitr


6.     Sir Mayor, I’d Like to Report: A Resident Stared to Death


7.     The Heirloom Dagger of a Peddler


8.     The Collapse of Our Tower

E. Denny JA’s Animation

1.     Every Thursday Will I Await Your Return


2.     Who Will Defend Us, Mother?


3.     Spiritual Teacher is Called Coronavirus


4.     A Public Hearing on Religion


5.     Because of an Angora Cat


6.     Diving Into the Sky


7.     Seeking a King Within a King


8.     Seeking God


9.     The Ballad of Aneta


10.  The Ballad of Wahab and Wahib


11.  The Collapse of Our Tower


12.  The Dragon of One Thousand Faces


13.  The Dream About a Bicycle


14.  The Lottery of Life


15.  The Pursuit of Happiness


16.  The Rose That Bled



17.  The Tale of The Sacred Guidebook


18.  The Trilili Bird


19.  But They Do Not Belong to Us


20.  Death in The Coronavirus Outbreak


21.  Your Tears, Mother


22.  I Return to Thee


23.  Petty Gods


24.  The Mystical Bird Called Iman


25.  Choosing a Quiet World


26.  With Love, I Must Oppose You


27.  A Wound That Remains Inflamed


28.  My Beloved Village, My Unfortunate Village


29.  Separated from the Bomb, I Call Thy Name in Silence


30.  The Torch that Constantly Illuminates


31.  The Terrorist is My Older Brother


32.  Then They Attended Friday Prayer Services at the Church


33.  The Voice of the Esteemed Teacher



34.  Tomorrow Morning is Still Uncertain


35.  The Brightest Light


36.  That Colossus will Nevertheless Collapse


37.  He is Dead But Alive


38.  Ring the Bells, Forever


39.  A Thorny Place


40.  The Gathering of Abraham’s


41.  Wind that Infiltrates the Heart


42.  The One Who Screams, The One You’ve Forgotten


43.  Endure It As Long As You Can


44.  Don’t Cry Palestine


45.  The Moslem Girls Poem on a Christmas Day


46.  Godly Love Only


47.  Where Did the Activists Go


48.  Handphone, We Really are That Close


49.  Tears of Rohingya


50.  Let Me Kill My Daughter



51.  Cleanse the Flag of 17th August 2020


52.  Negotiation With Destiny: Denny JA


53.  The Story of The Guardians of MorA.ty


54.  My Husband Loves the Grand Imam More


55.  Personal Relationship: My Best Friend’s Secret



56.  Adolf Merckle: the Great Sorrow of A Wealthy Man


57.  My Husband in Isolation Room W1-007


58.  The Story of Switi, My Sister


59.  An Activist’s Reflection


60.  The Story of Doctor Dadi


61.  He Welcomes Death with A Joyful Heart


62.  Tell Your Secret Sister Andre


63.  Waiting for Sodom & Gomorrah in Amsterdam


64.  Alone, I Shot Police Headquarters Six Times


65.  When Mom Doesn’t Remember Us Anymore


66.  Vaccinated or Die !

F. Denny JA’s Speech on Sufism


I. Videos on Sufism


1.     Rabi’ah al-Adawiyyah: Close the Door the Heaven


2.     Farid Uddin Attar: The Journey Within Oneself


3.     Muhammad Iqbal: Man is God’s Partner in Creation


4.     Hafidz Asy-Syirazi: Go Beyond Your Limits


5.     Kahlil Gibran: When Love Beckons


6.     Ibn Arabi: Listen to Other Voices


7.     Ibn al-Farid: Not Worldly Heights


8.     Hakim Sanai: True Knowledge


9.     Kahlil Gibran: A House for the Soul


10.  Jalaluddin Rumi: Every Heart is my Temple


11.  Omar Khayyam: Heaven before Death


12.  Saadi Shirazi: Incomparable Beauty


13.  Nur Jami: What Is Not Easily Defeated


14.  Mahmoud Shabestari: Live Moment To Moment


15.  Shams E Tabrizi: A Prayer We Regret






16.  Aisah Al- Ba’Unniyah: Never Ignore Miracles


17.  Hazral Inayat Khan: The Power Of Words that Enlighten


18.  Bulleh Shah: The Place God Resides


19.  Yunus Emre: Knowledge Has No Meaning If..


20.  Abdullah Ansari: Not Walking On Water


21.  Al-Kindi: The Moon Which Takes The Light


22.  Ibn Sina: Does God Not Give Guidance?


23.  Ibnu Taimiyah: Just, Although Not Religions?


24.  Al-Ghazali: Hidden Beneath Two Mountains


25.  Ibn Rusyd: The Edge of Ignorance



26.  Al Khawarizmi: The Loss of a Love for Science


27.  Ali Syari’ati: The Voice from Those Without a Voice


28.  Ibnu Khaldun: The Social World as Our Birth Mother


29.  Nawal El Saadawi: Dangerous Truth


30.  Muhammad Abduh: Islam but There are No Muslims

G.  Denny JA’s Videos on Humanity


1.     Marketing a Concept Of Religion: The Case Of Nurcholish Madjid


2.     Why Does Religion Stay Mighty?


3.     Discussion of Common Grounds for Religion


4.     Progressive Muslims in Indonesia


5.     Applying Cultural Strategies to Eradicate Corruption


6.     Being Spiritual in the Modern World


7.     An Elderly Love Story


8.     Non-Muslim Leaders and Ahok (Basuki Tjahja Purnama)


9.     Human Civil Rights VS Islam


10.  A Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) Run By A Woman


11.  Ideology or Problem Solving Policy


12.  The Case of LGBT Agreeing to Disagree


13.  Priests and Sexual Abuse (Spotlight Movie)


14.  The Triumph of Phycological Inner Strength


15.  Intellectual Betrayal?






16.  Economic and Political Dimensions of Terrorism


17.  The Two Faces of Religion


18.  The “Tuhan Semata” (“Good & God Alone”) Movement in The 21 Century


19.  Sexual Relations are a Moral Issue, Not a Criminal Issue


20.  Islam Nusantara’s Problems


21.  Islamicity Index & Nusantara Islam’s Platform


22.  Moving Toward A Theology of Islam Nusantara?


23.  Religious Freedom and Godly


24.  Free Will and Neuropolitics


25.  99 % of Corona Virus Cases will be Cured even Before a Vaccine is Found


26.  Getting Accustomed to Living A ‘New Normal’ Existence in the Corona Virus Era


27.  Going Back to Work Before a Vaccine is Found


28.  Working to Manage Three Kinds of Viruses


29.  Sleeping With The Enemy: How to Banish The Corona Virus


H. Denny JA’s Speech on Social Issues in the Era of Working from Home (Translation on Progress)


1.     Pada Waktunya Semua Kini Terpapar Covid-19


2.     Presiden Terbaik dan Terburuk


3.     Menghancurkan Jejak Peradaban


4.     Pemerintah Lebih Berbahaya Dibanding Covid-19

5.     Sihir Sepakbola di Era Pandemik


6.     Seorang Genius di Era Pandemik


7.     Yang Harus Dirayakan di Era Pandemik


8.     Pameran Akbar Van Gogh di Era Pandemik


9.     Kelas Yang Paling Diburu di Era Pandemik





10.  Manusia Paling Jenius dalam Sejarah


11.  Menjelang Mati Membawa Berkah: Nikola Tesla


12.  Denny JA: Awal Peradaban Luar Angkasa?


13.  Bertambah Miskin dan Bertambah Kaya Era Pandemik


14.  Mengapa Pemimpin Ini Dicintai?


15.  Isu Papua dan Politically Incorrect


16.  Bahaya Aktivis Anti Vaksin


17.  Epicenter Pandemik Bernama Indonesia


18.  Menyambut Idul Adha: Ketika Sapi Memakai Masker